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5 Best Cheap Mini Refrigerator

cheap mini refrigeratorGet your food fresh and cold with a cheap mini refrigerator is a perfect choice. Some of these mini refrigerators feature a very small shelf that is used as the freezer compartment. Compared to large models, mini refrigerators are not powerful enough. However, it is quite compact so it will never take up much of your space. And it is perfect for dormitory, teenagers’ room since it just cost you a bit of money. Continue reading “5 Best Cheap Mini Refrigerator” »

5 Best Car Refrigerator

Car RefrigeratorA car refrigerator can be put in a car, truck or van, providing the cool beverage in the hot summer days for you. If you are always on the go or prefer outside activities, then a car refrigerator is your perfect choice. It features a relatively compact size and lightweight, allowing you to drink cool beverages whenever and wherever you want. Disadvantages of a car refrigerator are that it has a small capacity and environmental temperature may affect the refrigeration temperature. Continue reading “5 Best Car Refrigerator” »

5 Best Built In Refrigerators

Built In RefrigeratorsCombine with innovative style and design, the built-in refrigerators can be very easy to install in your room. Unlike traditional models which protrude out against the wall, the built-in refrigerators can fit into the same depth of the counter or cabinets, making your kitchen neater, more stylish and freeing up more space. Generally, they may consume more power than traditional models. Continue reading “5 Best Built In Refrigerators” »

5 Best Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

One of the great features of the bottom freezer refrigerator is that you are allowed to access to many of the normal refrigerated items on the bottom shelf much easier. In addition, compared to all theother different refrigerator models, the bottom freezer refrigerator is the most energy efficient. Getting a bottom freezer refrigerator is a way to save extra money everyday. Continue reading “5 Best Bottom Freezer Refrigerator” »

5 Best Bosch Refrigerator


Bosch RefrigeratorAs one of the best refrigerator in the world, Bosch refrigerator combines innovative cooling solutions and reliability. Features complicated electronically controlled components and sophisticated design, modern Bosch refrigerator is an ideal choice for most household. And it always keeps a very high standard of safety and efficiency, making it more outstanding and successful. Continue reading “5 Best Bosch Refrigerator” »

5 Best Black Refrigerator – ENERGY STAR

Black Refrigerator


Since dark color will draw everyone’s eye in the room, black refrigerators are usually designed for those people who have a distinctive look and certain tastes. A black refrigerator is sleekness and beauty enough to draw attention of most of the people. Definitely, if you want to get a black refrigerator, you need to consider whether its further features can meet your demand, including its size, performance and so on. Continue reading “5 Best Black Refrigerator – ENERGY STAR” »

5 Best Beverage Refrigerator

Beverage Refrigerator


If you prefer beverages such as cold sodas, water bottles and juice to alcohol, then keeping a beverage refrigerator in your house is your perfect choice. These models won’t take up too much space and they are usually small enough to fit into nearly any home. Also, these beverage refrigerators are the college students’ favorite choice since they can keep their favorite beer cold in their dorm room or apartment. Continue reading “5 Best Beverage Refrigerator” »

5 Best Side By Side Refrigerators

Side by Side RefrigeratorThere were a few types of refrigerators available in the market in the past. So selecting a refrigerator is such an easy thing since you hadn’t a variety of choices. But now, a great amount of refrigerators is available and side by side refrigerators have become popular these days. Side by side refrigerators also has different capacities and interior flexibilities. Continue reading “5 Best Side By Side Refrigerators” »

5 Best French Door Refrigerator

French Door RefrigeratorAs one of the most desirable models, the French door refrigerator features a comparable capacity and a more modern look. Compared to traditional top freezer models, the French door refrigerator comes with a freezer drawer at the bottom of the unit, making it more convenient to use. It is also perfect for small kitchens that have inadequate space because of its narrow double doors. Continue reading “5 Best French Door Refrigerator” »

5 Best Counter Depth Refrigerator

Best Counter Depth RefrigeratorA counter depth refrigerator won’t protrude from the cabinets generally with a depth of 25 inches — 27 inches. It is greater and wider than the traditional one so you should evaluate the depth and the height of your counter to make a best installation result. It has excellent performance for keeping your food stays fresh and features more aesthetic looking since the sides won’t be seen. Continue reading “5 Best Counter Depth Refrigerator” »