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5 Best Holmes Personal Fan – Cool your summer

Holmes Personal Fan - Cool your summerNeed a small personal fan in your office, home, dorm room and more in those hot summer days? A Holmes personal fan will meet all your needs. Compact, lightweight yet powerful, these personal fans by Holmes are designed to fulfill your cooling needs. Additionally, they operates quietly so you can also place on in your bedroom. Continue reading “5 Best Holmes Personal Fan – Cool your summer” »

Holmes HAWF2021 Dual Blade Twin Window Fan

Holmes HAWF2021 Dual Blade Twin Window FanProduct description

Give yourself some relief from hot weather with this Holmes HAWF2021 Dual Blade Twin Window Fan. This unit features the ability to draw in cool air from the outdoors or exhaust the stale indoor air. Operates quietly and efficiently, this Dual Blade Twin Window Fan is ideal for living room or bedroom use. With its versatile design, this fan can be used on a desk, table or mounted to a wall to meet your requirement. Its extender panels ensure a safe and custom fit. Continue reading “Holmes HAWF2021 Dual Blade Twin Window Fan” »

O2 Cool Portable Fan – Powered by Battery

O2 Cool Portable FanGreat little fan

Never be fooled by this O2 Cool portable battery powered fan with its tiny size. It is just so convenient and functional that has been gaining a large popularity. It only takes 2 – D batteries and has the 1 high setting that will keep you far away from the heat. It is also used by some people to cool fresh baked cookies since it’s small enough to fit on the kitchen counter next to the cooling rack, but big enough to provide excellent performance. Continue reading “O2 Cool Portable Fan – Powered by Battery” »

Lasko #2554 42-Inch Wind Curve Fan With Remote Review

Lasko #2554 42-Inch Wind Curve Fan With RemotePerformance

Featuring Fresh Air Ionizer technology and oscillation, this Lasko #2554 42-Inch Wind Curve Fan with Remote will provide fresh air throughout your entire room. The Wind Curve is designed to create maximum air distribution without taking up too much space. Most of the users say this unit works well and moves a lot of air. One of the reviews says the speed of the oscillation is perfect for him and he love having the remote control to adjust the speed of the fan. Another review says it circulates a greater amount of air, keeping their living room much cooler. Continue reading “Lasko #2554 42-Inch Wind Curve Fan With Remote Review” »

5 Best Attic Solar Fans

Attic Solar FansA solar attic fan is used to ventilate the attic area without wasting the energy bill or wasting your money. The Solar ventilation fans can be placed in 10 watt and 20 watt or higher fans. The 0 watt solar attic fan will cost you less money than higher wattage fans and is able to move only 850 CFM at the most. A higher wattage attic fan provides more powerful performance. Continue reading “5 Best Attic Solar Fans” »

5 Best Safe Bladeless Fans With Remote

Safe Bladeless Fans With RemoteBladeless fans with remote control allow you to relax and take a breath of fresh air in the hot summer. And you can operate it anywhere in your large room. Totally safe around kids and pets with no harmful moving blades. Let a bladeless fan that controlled by remote bring you comfortable and convenient enjoyment. Continue reading “5 Best Safe Bladeless Fans With Remote” »

Dyson easy-to-clean fans with no blades

Dyson easy-to-clean fans with no bladesDyson offers a set of fan models and each of them has their own unique features. The followings are several different types and models.

Hot+Cool™ fan heater : Featuring an Air Multiplier™ technology, the Dyson Hot+Cool™ fan heater is able to heat the whole room fast in winter and provide powerful airflow and air velocity to cool air effectively in summer. These powerful machines require less effort to clean them thanks to their no-blade design. Continue reading “Dyson easy-to-clean fans with no blades” »

5 Best Centrifugal Lnline Fan

Centrifugal Lnline FanAs one of the most widely used fans, centrifugal fans can be used in transporting gas or materials, ventilation system for buildings, central heating/cooling systems and industrial processes and air pollution control systems. They feature a cheaper price and simpler construction than axial fans. The centrifugal inline fan is a kind of centrifugal fan that has identical inlets and outlets on each side. Continue reading “5 Best Centrifugal Lnline Fan” »

5 Best Bathroom Fan With Light

Bathroom Fan With LightA great amount of moisture that builds up in the bathroom will cause serious damage to the wall paint and wood trim. Even more, high humidity can filter throughout the entire house, leading to the increasing growth of dangerous mold. A bathroom fan with light will show its ability in this case. It will create proper ventilation for your bathroom and provide a healthy atmosphere. Just pick one of these to help alleviate foul odors and improve air quality. Continue reading “5 Best Bathroom Fan With Light” »