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5 Best Garden Twine

Garden TwineGenerally, natural twines are very strong. But jute twine has a main advantage—soft. It won’t cut into plants, unlike wire or other binding materials, so it is perfect for tying plants to trellises or other supports. Sisal twine used for baling is much stronger and coarser than jute. So it is more suitable for heavier-duty tasks.
Gardening twine from Tenax made from completely natural and very strong Jute is a 2 ply twine comes in 100 meter (328 ft) lengths. No matter for tying fruit, vegetable plants or flowers, the string is the best choice. And don’t worry about your delicate young seedlings, the jute fiber is soft and it won’t damage them. Besides, it is also suitable for tying garden structures or for climbing plant support. Continue reading “5 Best Garden Twine” »