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5 Best Leaf Mulcher – Turn yard waste into fertilizer

Leaf MulcherIt will save a lot of time and cost little time to remove the numerous dry leaves from your yard with the help of leaf shredder and mulcher. If you have a home with a lot of trees that shed leaves, then the leaf shredder is your perfect choice since a shredder can easily break down that yard waste. This powerful machine is not only environmentally friendly but also save you money and keep your garden and lawn healthy and looking good. Continue reading “5 Best Leaf Mulcher – Turn yard waste into fertilizer” »

Chipper—reducing, reusing and recycling yard waste

Chipper ShredderYour yard may be full of twigs, acorns, branches and dead leaves especially during certain seasons. Rather than burning or hauling off the yard waste it’s preferable to use a chipper shredder and most certainly environmentally friendly. Chipper-shredders don’t only deal with leaves but also make nutrient-rich green mulch from non-woody plant debris and weeds, transforming your yard waste into something useful like compost and mulch. Continue reading “Chipper—reducing, reusing and recycling yard waste” »