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5 Best Mini Tillers

Mini TillersMini tillers are features narrow size and increased maneuverability, making them ideal for working around trees, perennial plants and shrubs. With a light weight, they don’t require a lot of strength to push or carry and their small size make them easier to be stored. Mini tillers are mostly used by farm owners, nurseries, sugarcane producers and farmers of vegetables. Continue reading “5 Best Mini Tillers” »

5 Best Mantis Tillers

Mantis TillersAs the world’s best selling rotor tillers, Mantis tillers/cultivators are lightweight little machines that range from 20 to 24 pounds. Great for breaking new ground, till beds, weed, cultivate and more, a Mantis tiller/cultivator will help you do gardening and landscaping chores, regardless of your garden is large or small. Mantis tillers are able to cultivate the tough soil and remove weeds between rows of flowers or vegetables, providing a better growth environment for your plants. Continue reading “5 Best Mantis Tillers” »

5 Best Honda Tillers

Honda TillerWith the exclusive technology, reliable features and details, Honda tillers are smooth running and extremely quiet. Honda tillers are equipped with 4-stroke engines rather than mix oil and gas, making sure it will run clean enough to pass or exceed all CARB and EPA emission standards. Designed to produce loam grade soil quickly and easily, Honda tillers will help you break new ground or prepare your garden for the spring. Continue reading “5 Best Honda Tillers” »

5 Best Electric Garden Tiller

Electric Garden TillerAn electric tiller is a garden tiller which runs on electricity instead of requiring a gasoline or diesel engine for power. Such tillers are quieter to operate and better for the environment since they do not produce emissions. Like other tillers, an electric tiller is designed to turn the soil with the use of blades attached to a bar which cut through the soil, preventing compaction of soil to provide a better environment for plants growing. Continue reading “5 Best Electric Garden Tiller” »

5 Best Tiller

TillerA tiller is required if you want to provide a healthier environment for your plant. It can be used to weed, cultivate, aerate and mix, breaking the hard compacted soil. Thus, the water, oxygen and nurtures can easily get around the plant’s root. Just select one suit you and your job most, getting your job done efficiently.

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