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5 Best Small Refrigerator

small refrigeratorisThe reason to review the5 best small refrigerators their popularity. More and more people are realizing that they don’t need big refrigerators. The space that regular refrigerators take up is immense. Some people even choose to buy several small refrigerators to use around the house.

But before you decide to buy a small refrigerator, let’s look at the 5 best small refrigerator by their use. You might even decide to replace your existing refrigerator with several small ones. They also save a lot of energy. Even in a combination, they turn out to be cheaper to buy and run.
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5 Best Portable Refrigerator

Portable RefrigeratorA lot of people are looking for portable refrigerators. This list reviews the 5 best portable refrigerator available. People looking to keep their food and beverages cool are not content with coolers anymore. Coolers can get quite messy once the ice melts. You need to be careful with your food as sandwiches can get really soggy if water from melted ice seeps into them.

Portable refrigerators are becoming the alternative as they keep food fresh and cold. They also don’t have the issues with melted ice water that coolers have. Let’s take a look at the 5 best portable refrigeratorbased on style and function. Continue reading “5 Best Portable Refrigerator” »

5 Best Cheap Mini Refrigerator

cheap mini refrigeratorGet your food fresh and cold with a cheap mini refrigerator is a perfect choice. Some of these mini refrigerators feature a very small shelf that is used as the freezer compartment. Compared to large models, mini refrigerators are not powerful enough. However, it is quite compact so it will never take up much of your space. And it is perfect for dormitory, teenagers’ room since it just cost you a bit of money. Continue reading “5 Best Cheap Mini Refrigerator” »

5 Best Car Refrigerator

Car RefrigeratorA car refrigerator can be put in a car, truck or van, providing the cool beverage in the hot summer days for you. If you are always on the go or prefer outside activities, then a car refrigerator is your perfect choice. It features a relatively compact size and lightweight, allowing you to drink cool beverages whenever and wherever you want. Disadvantages of a car refrigerator are that it has a small capacity and environmental temperature may affect the refrigeration temperature. Continue reading “5 Best Car Refrigerator” »

5 Best Avanti Refrigerator

Avanti RefrigeratorIt has been known for long that the Avanti is a company that has always featured the high quality of the product. Avanti refrigerator may be your perfect choice if you are live in a room with limited space and want to purchase a compact or an apartment size refrigerator. And if you want to get the best cooler with affordable price, this Avanti refrigerator is your top choice either. Continue reading “5 Best Avanti Refrigerator” »

5 Best 12 Volt Refrigerator

12 Volt RefrigeratorIf you are an open-air activity and the outdoors living lover, then the 12 volt refrigerator is perfect for you. This portable refrigerator ensures your food and drinks are well preserved, no matter you are in your car or even riding in any marine vehicle. The 12 volt refrigerator will be big enough to serve a family of 2 adults and a couple kids. Keeping your food cold and refreshing would never be this easy with this 12v refrigerator. Continue reading “5 Best 12 Volt Refrigerator” »