5 Best types of axes

axesAs an ancient tool, axe developed over a long period from about 8000 to 2000 BC. At the beginning, the head was made of flint or other hard stone, and was fixed to wooden or bone handles. Later the copper axe heads were created.


The 5 Best types of axes

1.    Gransfors Bruks American Felling Axe Straight

Gransfors Bruks American Felling Axe Straight

Gransfors Bruks first-class full size axe  is based on a American classic colonial pattern. It is primarily used as felling trees and sectioning logs. The Gransfors Bruks is one of Sweden finest forges. After forging, each axe is fitted with a tight-grained hickory handle and provided with a grain-leather sheath with snap fastener.

 2.    Camp Axe by Buck Knives

Camp Axe by Buck Knives

It can chop through the wood with the forged, powder-coated, high-carbon steel blade efficiently. It features ergonomic shaped, high-impact plastic handle, and nylon sheath. It weights 1lb 12 oz, comes with a plastic handle, steel blade, and nylon sheath. Its length is 12 1-4 inches.

 3.    Cold Steel Trail Boss Hickory Handle

Cold Steel Trail Boss Hickory Handle

The Trail Boss is light and compact so you can carry all day in your hand or strapped to your pack. But for chores that would make a hatchet or tomahawk scream for mercy, it may be a little bit heavy and tough. Equipped with a European style head with a 4″ blade and a 4 1/2″ cutting edge, it can take a big bite. The Trail Boss even passed Lynn C. Thompson’s extensive field-test. He used it to chop kindling, clear roads and trails, and even to chop down a fair sized Gidgee Tree in Australia.

 4.    S.A. Wetterling Axe 20H S.A. Wetterlings Axes – Large Hunters Axe

S.A. Wetterling Axe 20H S.A. Wetterlings Axes - Large Hunters Axe

Wetterlings have been hand forging axes in Sweden for many years. Their axes have the highest quality. The ax designed for large hunting is powerful and can keep a good balance. Featuring low weight head and long handles. This axe can give you strength to chop. It is your best choice to bring this on your hunting trip in the wild. Wetterlings axes are free from paint and grinding, carefully hardened, sharpened by hand and polished until they shine.

Specification: 0.7kg Turpentine Axe Head, Swedish carbon steel 3 inch blade, 6 inch long* Slightly rounded, sloped bevel, knife ground to 24 degree angle* 56-58 RwC 20 inch curved Hickory Handle total weight 0.95kg.

 5.    Husqvarna Multi-Purpose Forest Axe (1.9 Lbs) With 26″ Handle

Husqvarna Multi-Purpose Forest Axe

Husqvarna Multi-Purpose Forest axes are the best choice for felling smaller trees and limbing logs. This one features a full grain leather sheath for protection. The blade is made of high quality Swedish steel and the curved handle is made of solid hickory. You may regard it simply as the Forest axe, but this is a traditional Multi-Purpose Axe.

Specification: Dimensions Weight of Head 1.9 lbs. Total Weight Head 2.7 lbs. Length of Head: 6-3/4″ Face of Head: 3-1/2″ Back of Head Length: 2-1/4″ Handle: 26″ Ed.