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Ozeri Ultra 42 Inch Wind Fan – Adjustable Oscillating Tower Fan With Noise Reduction Technology

Ozeri Ultra 42 Inch Wind FanMoves a lot of air

This new Ozeri Ultra 42″ Tower Fan comes with various powerful features. Its precise engineering delivers far more air velocity than competing models. Together with the 3 whisper-quiet speed settings and oscillates 90 degrees for timely relief in extreme summer months. One user says this is an attractive fan and super quiet even though it moves a lot of air on the lowest of three speeds. Another user says even half the slow speed would still move a lot of air. It is quite powerful and ensures a more comfortable and cooler summer. Continue reading “Ozeri Ultra 42 Inch Wind Fan – Adjustable Oscillating Tower Fan With Noise Reduction Technology” »

Honeywell HY-048BP Fresh Breeze Tower Fan with Remote Control – 3 speeds

Honeywell HY-048BPGreat circulation

Compared to the tower fan from many other competent models, this Honeywell HY-048BP Fresh Breeze Tower Fan pushes a lot of air quietly and oscillates in a wider angle. It is still very powerful on breeze and low settings. This unit is extremely effective at cooling down a room, decreasing the amount of time the air conditioning needs to be on in the summer. Perfect for summer. Continue reading “Honeywell HY-048BP Fresh Breeze Tower Fan with Remote Control – 3 speeds” »

Bionaire BW2300 Twin Window Fan – 3 Speed Settings With Remote Control

Bionaire BW2300 Twin Window FanWorks great

This Bionaire BW2300 double window fan draws in fresh, cool air from the outside or exhausts stale, hot air from inside. Even more, the two fans can be set independently to draw in or exhaust out simultaneously. It features a programmable digital LED thermostat, allowing you to set the optimum temperature level to the
degree from 60-80 degrees. Besides, the fan will
automatically turn OFF and ON in reaction to the
ambient room temperature. This unit just works great,
even on hot humid nights it gives a cool breeze. Continue reading “Bionaire BW2300 Twin Window Fan – 3 Speed Settings With Remote Control” »

5 Best Misting Fans

Misting FansThe misting fan can be used in a closed environment like a greenhouse to cool the general area and provide humidity for thirstier plants. It can also be used in a large outdoor event like a football game, and it can be up to 40° Fahrenheit cooler than the ambient temperature. A misting fan has also gained high popularity by people for home use. They enjoy the cooling effects brought by these misting fans. Continue reading “5 Best Misting Fans” »

5 Best Lasko Fans

Lasko FansMade in USA, Lasko fans feature a variety of innovative design and high quality, making them rated quite well. Besides, their affordable prices allow you to install them easily. And compared to an air conditioner, it will cost you less electricity bill. Lasko has been providing durable, satisfactory products for 100 years. These functional and reliable units will not let you down. Continue reading “5 Best Lasko Fans” »

5 Best Interesting And Cute Battery Powered Fan

Interesting And Cute Battery Powered FanA battery powered fan shows its unique abilities when there is a natural disaster or power outages since it is operated with batteries. Besides, battery powered fans are usually compact and portable, so you can bring it along when you have a travel or use it as a personal fan in your home or in the office in hot summer days. This battery powered fan will bring you a lot of convenience. Continue reading “5 Best Interesting And Cute Battery Powered Fan” »

5 Best Axial Fans

5 Best Axial FansThe axial fan features a simple machanism. It works by sucking up the hot and stale air inside a house. Axial fans follow the Navier-Stokes equation. Instead of creating the streamlined flow of the centrifugal fans, they create turbulent airflow which can be quantized using the Navier-Stokes equation, making them ideal for factories or workshops. There are various types or axial fans available on the market, you can select one the best suitable for you. Continue reading “5 Best Axial Fans” »

5 Best Electric Wall Fan Heater

Electric Wall Fan HeaterElectric wall fan heaters need a small amount of energy to drive the fan and this energy is converted to kinetic or mechanical energy rather than heat energy. Therefore, electrical wall fan heaters are not 100% ¨C but are actually more effective than standard heaters. However, it may be more expensive and less eco-friendly than burning gas at home. Continue reading “5 Best Electric Wall Fan Heater” »

5 Best Dual Blade Twin Window Fan

Dual Blade Twin Window FanA double window fan is able to draw in fresh, cool air from the outside or exhaust stale, hot air from inside, and even more, it can do both simultaneously since its two fans can be set can be set independently. Multiple design allows you to use on a desk, table or mount to a wall. It operates with less noise and high efficiency, making it ideal for living room or bedroom use.
Here are some different types of dual blade twin window fans. Continue reading “5 Best Dual Blade Twin Window Fan” »

5 Best Belt Drive Whole House Fan

Belt Drive Whole House FanUsually located in the ceiling of an interior hallway, a whole house fan is a simple and inexpensive resolution of cooling a house. Compared to direct-drive whole house fans, belt-driven models are quieter and more efficient, making them ideal for medium and larger homes. Pick one of these highly efficient belt drive whole house fans to provide excellent ventilation and lower indoor temperatures. Continue reading “5 Best Belt Drive Whole House Fan” »