5 Best Cedar Grilling Planks – Enhance your food’s flavor with a subtle hint of cedar

Cedar Grilling Planks - Enhance your food's flavor with a subtle hint of cedarAre you looking for a great way to create delicious tasting grilled food? If yes, look no further. Cedar grilling planks add unique flavor to salmon, pork, fish and more, allowing you to cook more flavorful and mouth-watering foods for your family. So get yours and take your grilling to the next level right now.




1. Western Cedar Grilling Planks (8 PACK!!) – Perfect for SALMON, FISH, STEAK, VEGGIES and more. MADE IN USA! Re-use several times.

Western Cedar Grilling Planks

Grill salmon, fish, steak, veggies and more to perfection every time with the Western Cedar Grilling Planks. Simple and easy to use, these grilling planks are not too thick and not too thin to ensure the best result. They are designed to allow faster and more saturated water absorption, saving you prep time, and getting you grilling sooner. Made from beautiful, high-quality Natural American Western Red Cedar.
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2. Premium Cedar Grilling Plank 6 Pack of Grilling Planks Includes 2 Free Cedar Wraps and Bonus E-Recipe Book

Premium Cedar Grilling Plank

Make your cooking experience easy and wonderful with this 6 Pack of Grilling Planks. These grill planks are perfect for grilling planked salmon. Each plank is 14 inches long so a full filet can fit on the plank. Each plank is a quarter inch thick allowing your foods to cook perfectly. With these easy-to-use, knot-free plank, even a novice can see chef results. So order yours and make your next gathering even more special.
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3. Premium Cedar Planks For Grilling | Thicker Design For Moister & More Flavorful Salmon, Steaks, Seafood & More | More Uses Per Plank

Premium Cedar Planks

Want to get more of the smoke flavor you love? Now you can with the Primal Grilling Planks. These cedar planks feature thicker design to ensure moister and more flavorful salmon, steaks, seafood and more. They are kiln-dried so they absorb water better and cook without excess smoke. Measure 6″ wide. Can fit plenty of food. Perfect for grilling fish, grilling vegetables, and meats. Includes a durable drawstring bag.
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4. Coastal Cuisine Cedar Grilling/Barbecue Planks Set of 7

Coastal Cuisine Cedar Grilling

Do you want to add a special, sweet-smoky flavor to your grilling favorites? If yes, you will need the Coastal Cuisine Cedar Grilling/Barbecue Planks. Easy to use on gas and charcoal grills, these cedar grilling planks will keep your food moist and flavorful. 3 easy steps for use- soak – smoke – savor. Instructions and Recipes are included. The perfect way to grill salmon or other food you want a bit smoky.
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5. Gourmet Pacific Cedar Grill Planks – (6 Pack 14″ x 7″ x 3/8″)

Gourmet Pacific Cedar Grill Planks

Now you are able to make mouth-watering dinner for your family and friends in your own backyard with the Gourmet Pacific Cedar Grill Planks. These cedar planks add unique flavors to your favorite foods such as salmon, pork, chicken, bratwurst, and even your favorite vegetables. They are family-size allowing you to cook more on one plank. A great grill accessory that will give you the results to satisfy everyone.
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